April 14, 2008

California Plans to Use Citizens as Guinea Pigs: Why Every U.S. Resident Should Care

Beginning this summer, airplanes will fly 500-800 feet over California, spraying hundreds of thousands of California residents with an untested pesticide called CheckMate. This will start one night in June, and will happen again three nights a month for nine whole months. None of us will know which nights our towns are being sprayed, and none of us will be able to stop it. Your children will wake up the following morning, head to the park, breathe in the air, play on the jungle gym, and you will have no idea if their little hands are coated in the CheckMate pesticide. You might even be walking home from the BART station one evening, and hear that low-flying plane hum over you as it drops its load.

California plans aerial pesticide spraying of CheckMate over San Francisco, Marin, and other counties

This ain't no horror story - it's actually going to happen. The State's Department of Food and Agriculture is initiating the largest aerial pesticide spray in the history of the United States because it's afraid the light brown apple moth will take over our plants.
And why should anyone who lives outside of California care? One simple reason: we are the nation's guinea pigs. The USDA recently announced plans to survey all 50 U.S. states to see if the light brown apple moth can be found anywhere else. If they do, you can bet that state officials where you live will look to California as an example for how to deal with it. Even though California's approach won't work.

So what can we do? Do we sit back and inhale the fumes? Do we let agribusiness dump pesticides literally on our heads? Close our eyes and hope we don't get sick? This is not a joke, and this is not the State's choice to make for us.

Join the tens of thousands of other residents who refuse to be sprayed! You don't have to become an activist, and you don't have to give up your valuable time. Just pick and choose from the following easy steps, and make your voice heard.
  1. Sign the petition to stop the spray.
  2. Learn the facts about their plans.
  3. Write an email to Gov. Schwarzenegger, who currently supports the spray.
  4. Write an email to Sen. Migden, who's filed legislation to delay the spray.
  5. Send an email to everyone you know telling them about the spray (or linking to this blog post).
  6. Write a letter to your legislators voicing your opinion.
  7. Attend the meetings on 4/15 and 4/16 to add your voice.
  8. Flyer your block, neighborhood or town to inform your community.
  9. Send out a MySpace, FaceBook or other social networking bulletin about this.
  10. Blog about the spray, or simply link to this post.
Get loud. Get angry. This is your air, and your body. Don't let them f--- with it.

California plans aerial pesticide spraying of CheckMate over San Francisco, Marin, and other counties - area spray map

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Anonymous isabelle said...

Thanks for passing this on:

Up for vote in the Agriculture Committee of the CA assembly are 4 bills and one resolution addressing the many problems with this ill-begotten plan to spray whole cities for a moth that does not seem to cause any harm (ask your famer on farmer's market -even the CA Dept. of Food and Ag admits there has been no crop damage).
One of the bills would actually give us a VOTE on the issue. Needless to say the AG committee serves big AG and will vote these bills down -unless we create massive public pressure tomorrow!

Come to the big show-down in Sacramento:

Wednesday, April 16

10:00 AM take the bus FOR FREE from the Ferry Building (1 Ferry Building on the Embarcadero) in San Francisco
12:30 PM press conference on the West steps of Capitol with Bay Area legislators
1:30 PM Hearing Assembly Ag Committee, Room 4202, Capitol


more info http://www.stopthespray.org

7:15 PM  
Blogger Eric Benson said...

Thanks for the heads up. I've signed the petition as I don't want this to happen and then spread elsewhere! Keep it up.

8:36 AM  

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