September 20, 2007


Ain't life grand? Before I address my absence, I'd like to give you a huge THANKS for your interest in, participation in, and general support of Small Failures. I continue to be bowled over by the generosity of my readers, and it's incredibly reassuring to know that this blog has found a place in so many daily routines. How odd. Obviously, I've taken some time off from the blog post-car accident, simply for lack of energy. I'm going to continue to do so, with the caveat that you're not entirely free of me yet.

In the meantime, if you're interested in what is inevitably a more tangential interpretation of my brain waves, you might like to check out Blog! Unruly in presentation (it's being redesigned, I promise), and completely random in coverage, Blog! is just my way of cataloging the neural buzz in the back of my brain (inconsistent though it may be). Check it out, you might discover some cool stuff (including Small Failures-esque topics).

Thanks for your patience!


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Anonymous Chris Baskind said...

Welcome back!


11:20 PM  

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