August 02, 2007

More Energy Calculators

There are, of course, a huge number of calculators online that offer visitors the chance to discover just how nasty or nice to the environment our living habits actually are. My beef with these calculators is twofold:
  • They rarely explain the math behind the calculations.
  • They often gloss over many of the ways in which we impact our environment.
I've just stumbled across a calculator that seems to address at least this latter problem. The Personal Environmental Impact Calculator breaks down your energy use into transportation, recycling, water, and energy. It's not exactly the sexiest calculator out there, and there are a few broken links but most of the results are well documented, and provide helpful conservation suggestions and further reading.

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Blogger Gon said...

I too would like to see some better calculators out there. Do you know of one where you can judge the usage of particular appliances? Maybe even certain brands or models?

I do have a small complaint(s) about this calculator. 1.) Only asks for vehicles of 19__ or older and it asks about vehicle mileage. Is that highway or city?


7:09 AM  

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