July 03, 2007

They Found Us: Link Love

Small Failures' readership has been growing steadily over the months, and many of you discover us through other blogs and sites, some which have a green theme and some which don't. I've decided to start mentioning these blogs on a semi-regular basis as a way of saying thank you to those folks who feel we're worth linking to.

Cider Press Hill: A thoughtful, personal blog from Kate (I believe), who offers a quiet look into her own life as well as those around her. Some great links on this blog.

The Worsted Witch: Clearly this really is "the malformed love-child of [Jasmine's] indecorous passions for knitting, sustainability, gothic horror, and illustration." A sense of humor, an elegant design aesthetic and a cat named Chekhov makes Jasmine worth a long read.

Simply Green Living: This fairly new blog covers the writer's journey to simplify her life, although she's been living green for fifteen years.

And thank you, readers, for continuing to support Small Failures! I've got some cool ideas coming up for the site, and eventually I'll be hitting you up for some feedback. Stay tuned!

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