July 26, 2007

Quick Plug: Texas Gold

Texas Gold logo by Roughstock StudiosNow that Big Business, and even Big Chemical, is singing a different public tune when it comes to corporate social responsibility, it might be easy to forget that there was a time not long ago when these companies were actively destroying our planet (and, by default, our population).

Some might argue they're still doing so, but under the guise of greening up. Diane Wilson is an activist who has been fighting Big Chemical for a long time now. A few years ago, I created a logo and designed the DVD cover (and water bottle label) for a film about her called Texas Gold. The movie traces her fight to save her hometown, a fishing village in Texas suffering from massive pollution and rising cancer rates.

Well, I just got word that Texas Gold will be airing on the Sundance Channel as part of their program, The Green, and on PBS' Natural Heroes series. According to the filmmakers, the scheduling is as follows:
Sundance Channel
9/11 @ 10:35 pm EST/PST
9/13 @ 1:35 am EST/PST
9/14 @ 11:35 am EST/PST
9/16 @ 4:35 pm EST/PST
This is an important story, made even more so by the rise of a greener public consciousness and the greenwashing carried out by some companies like BP. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the film once it airs.


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