July 29, 2007

How Clean is Your Electricity?

You might turn the lights off when you leave the room and replace your standard bulbs with CFLs but unless you're living by candlelight, chances are you're still using plenty of electricity. So where does your electricity come from? Mine comes from PG&E, who are desperately trying to brand themselves as one of the greener energy providers out there. What about your energy provider? Chances are, you don't know squat about the company name on your utility bill.

Well, the EPA has a handy little look-up tool called the Power Profiler that tells you just how "clean" your provider is. It breaks down the energy sources for your zip code, and compares your portion of the grid to the rest of the country. Pretty nifty, huh?

And once you've been suitably shocked into action, you can search for green energy providers in your state.

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Anonymous Kevin said...

Nice sentiment and links. I appreciate the post.

I put together a reference list on low-energy light bulbs here are 21st Century Citizen’s Ultimate Guide to Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulbs that might be of use.

Thanks for the post.

(btw - you may get more coments if you turn off moderation -- just a sugestion. Nice site!)

3:26 PM  
Blogger Jessie Jane said...

Thank for the link Ken—looks good to me! I'm adding you to the sidebar.

(As for comment moderation—it's either moderate or spam, and I have no patience for spam!)


6:35 PM  
Blogger Malva said...

Interesting link! I wonder if something similar is available for Canada. I googled quickly and didn't find anything.

I buy 100% clean energy from Bullfrog Power in Ontario (in case some of your readers are local to me), which is a good thing considering how I have absolutely everything electric (stove, heat and hot water included).

4:13 AM  

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