June 08, 2007

The World Is Your Library

The library is my weakness. As a kid (and bona fide bookworm), I would spend hours buried in the darkest corner I could find reading random book after random book. It was a safe haven for me and to this day I am instantly calmed when I step inside a public house of books.

It's just a plus that libraries are a wonderful way to:
  1. Reduce your dependence on Stuff.
  2. Reduce your paper consumption.
  3. Support your community.
And now I've discovered WorldCat, where I can search libraries all over the globe! Kind of exciting, that.

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Anonymous christal said...

Hello there!
Love your library post! I just rediscovered the library and I am in love! I have gotten to catch up on great movies, music and books--oh so many great books!!
take a look for yourself!

10:21 AM  

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