June 20, 2007

Substantial Profits, Sustainably

We all know that businesses are seeing green in going green. I think this is an important sea change because I strongly believe that business has a massive role to play in the sustainability movement. Perhaps, as a business owner myself (yes, that's a plug), I'm biased. But because we businesses are often responsible for far more consumption and waste production that the average individual, we have an obligation to join this conversation and shape a new role for ourselves. Sure, we need to serve the marketplace by definition but to do so, we must also serve the communities that form that marketplace.

If you're interested in a few simple ways to green up your own business (actually, these tips apply to everyone, really). check out the latest installment of my column The Sustainable Studio on the Business of Design Online:
Substantial Profits, Sustainably (part 1)
Many of you will be familiar with some of my suggestions, but you might discover some new resources and perspectives.

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