April 27, 2007

Vote For Trees, Which Are Tall & Leafy

I didn't realize Arbor Day was a gift-giving holiday, but on returning from the post office I discovered I was wrong. In my PO box was a slender package adorned with a pretty green label reading "This is not a tree." It was not (the envelope—and the announcement inside—was printed on Yupo, my favorite tree free paper). Arbor Day, it turns out, is all about trees.

The folks at My Emma, an email marketing company, apparently have a thing for trees. In fact, they'd like to see more of them. And so they've created the Vote For Trees campaign, in which a single mouse click donates a seedling to Trees Water People for reforestation projects in Central America. Seriously, it's just a mouse click. It's free, it gets trees planted and it's easy. Here's that link again. You'll discover a host of usefulless facts about trees (I mean, I can't believe I never realized trees were only slightly less popular than squirrels that fly and shoot lasers out of their noses).

This is a perfect example of how business can successfully embrace sustainability: My Emma saves trees every day by allowing companies, organizations and individuals to send their messages via email instead of paper. Now they've gone a step further by donating resources to help the cause. And even their brick-and-mortar marketing materials are eco-conscious (although I have to wonder if the rubber bracelets a la Lance Armstrong that were included in the package were made with petroleum—a quick search turned up no info on this). While this particular effort is a one-off promotion, it should serve as an example to other companies. And hopefully My Emma will continue to take the lead by integrating longer-term sustainable efforts into their business practices.

Now go vote!

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