February 26, 2007

Do the Oscars Mark a New Trend?

My interest was piqued this morning when I went looking for the Oscars winner's list and came across this tidbit at SF Gate instead:
Oscar goes green
There's a push for green products and practices at this year's Academy Awards, and gift bags will be bursting with eco-friendly products. And even though rehab is becoming de rigueur for celebrities, several Oscar events will feature Mothership Wit, an organic beer by New Belgium Brewing of Fort Collins, CO (the maker of Fat Tire Amber Ale ), which boasts that it is the country's first fully wind-powered brewery. Finally, a beer we can feel virtuous drinking. -- Karola Saekel
One of the events, it turns out, was Global Green USA's pre-Oscar party. Now, that's a party worth attending! If what our country's celebrities are drinking during their before- and after-parties is any indication, sustainability is on the rise in the brewing world. Of course, New Belgium is getting all the press but there are other breweries doing their part as well. Some of these folks brew organic beers, while others focus on making their operations more sustainable. No matter how you pour it, these breweries are giving beer a good name:
  • Sierra Nevada: A pioneer in sustainable brewing technology and great beer, too!
  • Otter Creek: Are you suprised their Wolaver's organic line of beers is brewed in Vermont?
  • East End Brewing: Local to Pittsburgh, East End is committed to operating sustainably.
  • Brooklyn Brewing: Just like New Belgium, Brooklyn operates on wind power.
  • Anderson Valley: The makers of Boont Amber went solar last year.
  • Uinta: Also wind-powered and energy efficient.
  • Butte Creek: They offer a line of organic beers.
  • Sam Smith's: The U.K. brewery's gotten in on the act with their organic lager and ale options.
  • Peak Organic: A lil' brewery in Massachusetts, these folks do organic beers exclusively.
  • St. Peter's: This brewer of traditional styles offers an organic ale and an organic best bitter.
  • Bison: California locals can enjoy their entire selection of organics.
  • Roots Organic: Looks like Oregon's first organic brewery is only available at local restaurants.
  • Pitfield: A U.K. beer shop and brewery offering organic options.
  • Seven Bridges: Supplier of homebrewing ingredients and equipment with an organic bent.
While that's a pretty decent list, I've decided to compile a more comprehensive version (because I don't have enough projects on my plate). So this is an official "call for entries;" if you know of any organic beers, organic breweries, breweries who are taking measures to operate sustainably, or if you're an organic and/or sustainable brewer yourself, please please please get in touch. You can either email me at jessie [at] smallfailures [dot] com, or just post a comment here!

[Cross posted to Bar Stories] And in case you're wondering, I have covered this topic briefly before.

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Blogger Megan said...

Hi JJ-
I had no idea New Belgium had a new organic brew! I do live in Idaho and we're a bit behind getting new brews in, so that could explain it. I also didn't know they use wind power, but that is awesome! I knew they were one of my favorite breweries for a reason...

Anyway, a couple of other organic beers I enjoy are:
-Dogfish Head Brewery (organic): http://www.dogfish.com/
-Wychwood offers a couple of organic options: http://www.wychwood.co.uk/

I'll have to ask my bf where we got our organic brewing kits from... and I know there are more organic beers I drink frequently but I can't remember all the names, so I'll have to go get some samples and post another comment. :)

5:13 PM  
Blogger ben huff said...

we've got a great organic beer made down south in Anchorage..

Arctic Rhino Coffee Porter made by Midnight Sun Brewery!

info here:


5:27 PM  
Blogger Jessie Jane said...

Awesome, guys, thank you! I am going to add those to my list—keep 'em coming.

Megan: Sadly for me, I can't yet get DFH in Cali (although apparently, they've just started distributing it here, so I'll hopefully see it soon).

Ben: Either you had a few too many Coffee Porters or I did because I can't find any information about Arctic Sun being either organic or eco-friendly? Just cuz it tastes good....

That said, check out Bar Stories next week (3/2) when I make up some stout ice cream!

8:52 PM  

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