February 06, 2007

Will You Be Eating Cloned Meat?

Cloned meat is on its way but you won't have a clue when it hits your local grocery store. According to the Detroit Free Press, the U.S. government, which passed preliminary approval of the sale of cloned meat and dairy products in December, doesn't plan to require that those products be labeled for the consumer. That means that when sale of cloned meat is approved (likely to be sometime this year), you'll have no warning.

As vegetarian as I may be, I don't intend to rail against meat-eating as a practice (although I will plug independently ranched, grass-fed beef over the typical corn-fed factory beef most Americans eat). But that's another story. So how will you know whether your hamburger was grown in a petri dish, so to speak?

Well, apparently the watered-down organic labeling laws here in the U.S. at least cover this much: any food carrying the USDA organic seal of approval must be clone-free. If you are as worried as I am about ingesting a giant experiment conducted by the nation's corporate factory farms and subsidized by the U.S. government, here are a few ideas for ensuring your meat is clone-free:
  • Search the Eat Well Guide for organic ranches
  • Search Local Harvest for organic ranchers
  • Ask to speak to the manager of your local grocery store and express your concern
  • Ask the restaurants you dine at if they intend to purchase clone-free meat, or label their dishes
  • Send a letter to the FDA expressing your concern with the click of a button

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Blogger Megan said...

Thanks for posting on this. The whole cloned meat thing really freaks me out, and I for one will not change my vegetarian ways just because there's no animal being killed for the cloned stuff. I had no idea they had no intention of labeling it, but it doesn't surprise me considering there is no labeling requirement for GMOs in this country.

Of course I have another way to avoid cloned meat: don't eat meat at all! :)

9:57 PM  
Blogger Jessie Jane said...

I'm with ya, sister. No meatski for me, cloned or otherwise.

Kind of cool—my boyfriend responded to this by deciding to go completely veggie unless the meat he wants is strictly labeled clone-free. He's already cut down a lot, but it's good to know he'll be eating even less of it!

Next up: how to keep all the fish on the planet from disappearing thanks to overfishing across the world.

10:10 PM  

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