January 08, 2007

Trend Watchers Jump on the Eco Bandwagon

It's official—green is now extremely trendy. Independent consumer trend watching firm Trendwatching has listed "Eco-Lifestyles" on their Status Lifestyles to look out for in 2007:
"With the environment finally on the agenda of most powers that be, and millions of consumers now actively trying to greenify their lives, status from leading an eco-responsible lifestyle is both more readily available, and increasing in value."
And while "trendy" might seem to mean "fad" to some, the ultimate result is that that marketers are going to be paying close attention to eco-consumers and investing heavily in greening up their message. That means more green choices in the marketplace, making it easier to adapt a more eco-aware lifestyle.

Of course, true sustainability can only be reached by a reduction in consumption, which no marketer can get behind.

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Blogger Megan said...

As you've said before, green is the new black. :) But my favorite part of this post is the last line, because our rampant form of consumerism just isn't sustainable...

Thanks for a great blog! :)

11:48 PM  

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