January 22, 2007

Giving Credit to the Conscious Lifestyle

In case you needed more proof that sustainability is picking up steam in mainstream media, Visa now offers the Enlightenment Card for folks who "practice yoga, eat organic, recycle, read positive books, frequent workshops, donate to charities, [and are] active in the community." Seriously—now you, too, can get into debt, pay a company to allow you to buy what you can't afford, and generally support one of the most unsustainable industries there are!

In all fairness, the card seems to reinforce the growing idea that sustainability is a viable market worth exploiting. The irony of promoting such a lifestyle by using a credit card, though, is indicative of just how far we have to go.

The card is offered through First Hawaiian Bank (and there's no membership fee). Your purchases accrue points that are redeemable for "awards," like spa retreats, yoga classes, CDs and DVDs, etc. Or you can put your rewards toward charities like Planned Parenthood, Rainforest Action Network, and Youth AIDS.

I suppose if you're going to rack up credit card debt, you might as well do it while donating to charity.

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