January 11, 2007

Earth & Sky

I don't generally post simply to point you to a particular site, but this one is good: Earth & Sky is a radio series, a website and a blog that "are committed to describing humanity’s work to understand itself and its relationship to the Earth."

It may sound high-minded, but the articles are all peer-reviewed and the blog has some really fascinating entries. Like this one, titled "Nature Provides 'Ecosystem Services':"
Scientists are beginning to focus on the consequences of environmental degradation to human wellbeing. It’s the idea that nature provides goods and services we humans need – like clean water and fertile soil...So the service concept is really important because it links people to these concerns, which have been sort of remote in the past. If you say, “well we’re losing biodiversity,” a lot of people say 'well so what?'"

So what? We'll be singing a different tune when our services get shut off for failure to pay the rent.

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