December 07, 2006

Put Your Online Gaming in Perspective

If you've ever uploaded an avatar to an online forum, community gaming site, or whathaveyou, you should really check out Nicholas Carr's take on avatar energy consumption.

What the hell is avatar energy consumption? you might ask. Well, Nicholas crunched some numbers using the rampantly popular online world Second Life as an example. Using the estimated number of avatars hosted on Second Life's servers and the typical energy consumption of those servers, among other factors, he extrapolated the following:
The average Second Life avatar consumes about 1,752 kWh (that's kilowatt hours) annually while the average real life human being consumes about 2,436 kWh annually.

That's a lot of real-life energy just to maintain a pretend life!

Be sure to read some of the comments to Nick's post to learn about the CO2 emissions of online players among other mathematical acrobatics.

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