December 15, 2006

Can Sustainability be Sexy?

Today marks the first step towards a better looking blog. Consider it an early New Year's resolution: Small Failures resolves to lose weight, tighten up and get hot.

Of course, it's not as easy as it sounds. I know just enough code to screw things up, so much of the redesign is more trial and error than actual success. But after a week of head-scratching and about two thousand virtual push-ups, the blog is already in better condition.

I still plan to make some more changes to pretty it up around here, and I still have to troubleshoot the following issues:
  1. Unfixed columns: As you've probably noticed already, the center sidebar squishes all up (yes, that's the technical programming term for it, I swear) when you shrink your browser window width. I am unsure how to fix the column widths—do you know?
  2. Topic links: I am having trouble with one or two of the topic links (see the left column). For some reason, Blogger doesn't want to republish a page or two in the new template.
  3. Labels at the bottom of each post: These topic labels should be left aligned, but they don't seem to want to cooperate. I cannot for the life of me find the code in the html to fix this.
  4. General design: There are still some layout and graphic issues I plan to take care of when I have a bit more time (say, next year).
If you know of a fix for any of the above, or feel like lending your expert coding skills to the troubleshooting process, please do get in touch. I can be reached at jessie [at] smallfailures [dot] com.


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