December 13, 2006

Beautiful Silver and Sustainable, Too

Are you a silver hound? Do you need an impressive gift for your sweetie this holiday? Shiana sells silver jewelry, beads and accessories, which on the surface seems like a pretty ordinary thing to do. But all their silver is produced by Thai artists and rather than exhaust the resources of the villages that produce their products, they are committed to the opposite. Their mission:
Shiana is dedicated to preserving the culture of our craftsman and artisans. In making our jewelry, we will never compromise their safety or lifestyle. As our business grows, we also hope to increase funding to our many planned projects for the Karen Hill Tribe Villagers of northern Thailand.

While it's certainly easy to pay lip service to goals like this, Shiana does the following:
  1. They pay their artists more than minumum wage.
  2. They are trying to fund the building of schools and training facilities.

By committing themselves to these goals, they are offering Thai villagers alternatives to growing cash crops like opium, or relocating to the city to find factory jobs. Pretty admirable, in my book. And the silver really is gorgeous.

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Blogger Nina said...

Absolutely my favorite supplier! I hope Shiana stays, it's not easy to be fair trade in this business.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Jessie Jane said...

Nina, you are not the first person to say this. It seems like any time Shiana is mentioned, I hear someone say something to that effect.

I don't make jewelry anymore, but I do know where I'd be buying my silver if I did!


10:18 AM  
Blogger AngieThien said...

Wonderful article Jessie! Thank you so much for the mention. Your blog is absolutely wonderful for the green movement!


8:30 AM  

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