November 13, 2006

Green Begets Green

Green is big business these days. Whatever you think about the science of global warming, sustainable living has become a viable consumer issue. It's been receiving massive attention across media: nationally-released movies; articles in local weeklies and national magazines; best-selling books; and more and more green products released by both start-ups and major corporations. Some dismiss green as merely a trend, but I suspect otherwise.

The November issue of Inc. magazine proves my point: The Green 50 features companies that have successfully integrated sustainable practices into their business models. This capitalist-minded magazine describes 50 companies that are committed to either running their businesses sustainably, or offering sustainable products and/or services.

These business run the gamut, from breweries to skate shops to makers of industrial cleaning supplies. They are in it for the money because they are...businesses. And they are proving that real money can be made without sacrificing the world we live in. This article is one of the most inspiring I've read, because it indicates that business—those who conduct it and those who believe in it to their core—recognize the viability of sustainability. The more press, the better!

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